Bears Are On My Mind at Majestic View Bed and Breakfast!

Last night, I stopped work early to go scouting. It was such a perfect day, and my body was aching from so much outdoor activity (more on my special project later) – that I took some time to “rest” by driving my boat around in the flats and fjords, and spent about 6 hours glassing for spring blacks. All together, I saw 15 bears – including 9 boars and 6 sows/cubs. Three of the boars, I would have loved to go after as they were dandies! Jet-black, long, luxurious coats that would make quite a rug. Maria and I like the meat too – done right, it is very tasty – especially if you remove the fat/tallow and mix with some good beef. Enjoy a hunter photo from last year. Cheers Lucas! I bet he will be back 🙂

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