Interesting Cow Moose Behavior At Majestic View Bed And Breakfast

5/5/17: Momma moose enters yard. Brody and Blue are Australian Shepherd Sheep(moose)herders – Maria’s dogs. Brothers from the same litter, they don’t approve and would like to give chase, but she’s not budging – for now. They bark to let me know there’s a moose in the yard. I grab my camera and begin snapping photos from about ten yards away. Momma moose is irritated, lays her ears back, and charges the dogs. They run, split, and come around behind – one on each side, gain the upper hand, and chase the moose up the hill, barking as they go. They chase her several hundred yards (I can hear their progress from the yard). Brody and Blue finally give up, but ten minutes later, she is right back in the same spot on our front lawn. I know she is pregnant. She is not an old cow, nor is she large with twins, but there is definitely a calf in there, and May is calving time. I think she wants to give birth in our yard. She is acting territorial, breathing hard, and urinating frequently. The dogs are content to watch this time – appraising her closely. I photograph her several times by the house, and with the mountains over her back. Then the dogs gain their courage and chase her off again. Ten minutes later, she returns – to  the back yard this time. The dogs let me know again. I photograph all three from the third story deck that is The Rose Room at our B & B in Homer. She chases them again. They run. She stops. They have an Alaskan standoff. They chase her. I drop to the lower deck and take a few more shots, then call the dogs in for a treat (yelling “CHICKEN” usually works) and surprisingly, they listen. Shortly after, the momma moose seems bored, and leaves. This is a daily routine at Majestic View. The moose don’t seem to mind the dogs because the moose come back every day. She will give birth here soon – probably around the perimeter of our yard. I will keep you posted when our baby moose is born! Moose like to give birth in town – no wolves and very few bears, which prey heavily on new-born calf moose outside town. Enjoy the photo sequence below; come visit to experience it yourself


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