Majestic View Adventures is in operation!

After a week of work and wondering every day, all day: “what is going on out there?” – Ben and I put the boat in for it’s maiden voyage of 2017. The first video is us leaving the harbor. The second video is a couple of Mountain Goats that we encountered down near the ocean on a steep, rocky bluff where I often spot them this time of year. All told, we spotted close to 20 goats, 5 black bears, numerous sea otters, one river otter, bald eagles, harlequin ducks, barrows goldeneye, and several moose going to and from the harbor (the city of Homer is loaded with moose right now). This morning, three guests who were in town for the annual shorebird festival went out with me. The goats and bears were not cooperative, but we certainly saw numerous bird species, otters, and some gorgeous scenery. We are still waiting for whales – but they should begin arriving as the month of May progresses. If you are in town, and are looking for naturalist to guide you and show you the area – give me shout at Majestic View Adventures. Go to and look through our photo galleries to get an idea of all that we see and do. Majestic View Bed and Breakfast guest get the royal treatment – including my son Ben. He took this short video of the two goats we encountered about 50 yards from the beach. Unfortunately, he stopped videoing just as the upper goat moved up the hill, shook a good sized boulder loose, and it rolled down the hill and went right past the other goat – who immediately freaked out and bolted to the side, then stood paralyzed, then resumed eating from the bushes as if nothing had ever happened. That’s the life of a goat living on a mountainside, I imagine. 

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