Orca Right Under My Boat! Crazy Good Birthday at Majestic View Bed and Breakfast / Majestic View Adventures.

Where do I begin? An Orca swam literally right beneath my boat! Humpback whales lunging and feeding all around my boat. Mountain goats right above my head. My first successful female bear hunter (Janelle). Momma sea otters with a pup floating right beside the boat. Tufted Puffins on calm water with perfect mirrored reflections. Perfectly calm morning. Blue sky and bright sun, all day. Sunburn. Amazing sunset that lasted forever. Two groups of wonderful people to share my boat – who were thrilled with everything they saw, and took amazing photos to boot. Everything you are about to see actually happened to ME yesterday. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Others say, “that picture just doesn’t do it justice.” You be the judge. Check it out. My 52nd birthday! And as always, remember, “This Could Be You, At Majestic View!.”

We witnessed this Orca following the shore in less than ten feet of water. I ran up ahead 100 yards and parked the boat – hoping that he would continue on his line, and sure enough, he did. He went RIGHT UNDER MY BOAT, and Gary was ready to get the perfect shot. What a thrill!!!

Janelle is my FIRST SUCCESSFUL FEMALE BEAR HUNTER! Congrats Janelle – I had a blast taking you hunting 🙂 And BTW, way to go on the nice shot and “no tracking job.” A pleasure to sit back and witness…

Humpback whale spouting about 10:30 pm.

Folks – this is what a 30-ton humpback whale looks like swimming by / beneath the boat on side finder imaging (herding up and eating baitfish). Way Cool…

Headed home to the Homer Spit and Harbor, 11:10 pm. Land of the midnight sun.

Crab boats silhouetted against the sunset, in the harbor just before midnight.

Sea Lion on the rocks, Gull Island Bird Sanctuary – 20 minutes from Homer.

A Tufted Puffin takes off over calm water, near Gull Island Bird Sanctuary. They are returning – more and more every day!

A nice black bear chills out on what’s left of a snow bank in an avalanche slide. He was rolling and clawing in it and obviously enjoying himself. We tried to hike up and get him, but he eluded us.

This eagle was fighting with another eagle over turf, and fell upside down into the ocean. It used it’s wings to swim to shore, shook off like a dog, flushed up into a tree, and then sat there real pretty-like for us.

Billy goat on the rock ledge!

Nanny being mom, while kid takes a snooze.

Amazing whale tail with water dripping off, glowing in the sunset.

Every whale tail is unique, and here, you can see why by the black and white markings, nicks and notches, barnacles, and so on.

This whale entertained us for an hour. I parked my boat in the middle of the action. He dove, circled, gathered up baitfish, and lunged to the surface – feeding within yards of my boat. Here, he has just closed his mouth, and water is gushing out, sun reflecting from his baleen. Amazing photo by Janelle.

Sea Otters on land is more rare. Here, an old gray “granny otter” has her pup climbing all over her back. They are right off the bow of my boat. “It’s time to go, granny”



2 thoughts on “Orca Right Under My Boat! Crazy Good Birthday at Majestic View Bed and Breakfast / Majestic View Adventures.

  1. Your photos are incredible, and capture and highlight what amazing adventures await those who seek a unique experience with you in Homer!! WoW!! I’m impressed!

  2. Awesome pictures and great adventure. Next time I will stay longer, and enjoy these kind of adventures. Wonderful guide, Tim, your adventures with your clients is unsurpassed.

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