The Strange Things That Happen At Majestic View Bed And Breakfast: Episode 1. The Case Of The Lost Tooth.

We have had some rather strange things happen at Majestic View, and if I am going to keep blogging indefinitely, I am going to need fresh, interesting material – so I have decided to add a regular post, once or twice a month – about the weird things that happen here. Allow me to introduce Victoria, who is now working her third summer (what we call a veteran around here). She’s our young college-age lady who cleans almost every day – the kitchen, the laundry, the beds, the bathrooms, etc. Victoria moves in after the breakfast onslaught about 10 am, and brings the kitchen and dining area back to some semblance of normalcy for the next day, washes and changes the bedding after guests leaves, scrubs floors and toilets and showers and tubs, and re-stocks supplies. There’s more, but that gives you the general gist of what she does. But not on her list of duties is to step on something strange near the edge of the bed, reach down to pick it up, and find out that you have discovered someone’s lost partial and it’s in your hand. Victoria is fun. We tease and play, scare each other, play pranks, and so on – but she can also be somewhat of a drama queen at times. Well, Victoria comes to Maria ( I wasn’t there) all grossed out, and wondering what to do with her strange find? After all, this isn’t the typical necklace, bracelet, makeup, or Homer souvenir… what people usually leave behind. That’s where Maria took over. She has 20 years plus in doing sleuth work. We know the people who rented the Moose Manor were from China. We also know they went bear viewing for the day, and then will be leaving Homer for another destination. Bridges are expensive, not to mention it can be hard to chew without – so Maria went hard at getting it to the proper owner. Another clue: the Chinese guests had a very unique last name, and so Maria went about calling every single bear-viewing outfit (there are a bunch) until she tracked them down. Then left a message. Early in the afternoon, a rather sheepish looking young man appeared on our doorstep – unable to speak much English, but we knew what he was there for. He obviously didn’t want us to think the teeth were his, and/or, his father didn’t want us to make the connection to him either. The exchange was quick and painless, and the guests were on their way. CASE SOLVED. Moral of the story: At Majestic View Bed and Breakfast – you are in good hands. If you leave something important behind – you can be assured that we will do our very best to get that important item back in your hands – no matter how gross or personal it is. And folks, that is how we run every aspect of our business – helpful, cheerful, service-orientated, down-to-earth, with integrity, honesty, and always doing our best to go above and beyond the call of duty. Come visit! If you should decide to try and work for us some summer – well, you never know what you’re going to find in that bedroom, but I’m sure Victoria would agree that this would have to be one of the more strange things she has come across. And I know, you usually get at least one photo with my blog, but not today!

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