Making Emotional and Spiritual Connections at Majestic View Bed and Breakfast

I’ve noticed it lately – that look people have when they have had a great time, and really don’t want to leave. Sometimes they just don’t want to go home and get back to reality, but it happens when they leave Majestic View to go to Denali, or Seward, or Anchorage too. They have a smile on their face, but at the same time, they look a little sad and are quiet. They grab us for a hug on the way out the door, and they hold on tight. Sometimes, they are a little misty – eyed. Yes, we make fast friends here  at Majestic View. People become a part of our lives for a day, or two, or three. We have meals together, tell stories, help orient them to the area, fish, hunt, explore, plan, drink wine, share our faith…our dreams…our desires, laugh, and connect. Sometimes, we are sorry to see them go too. Kind of like when you spend some quality time with a close loved one or friend, and then you have to go your separate ways. You know it…  that sinking feeling when you have to go. A combination of being fully satisfied, but yet longing for more. I think that’s a spiritual connection – a true glimpse of heaven, orchestrated by our creator. I like to think that when we are with God, we will have that 100% satisfied and content feeling all the time. We will never have to leave or separate from what we have come to love and enjoy so much. Yesterday morning at the breakfast table, we were talking about fear. Fear of flying. Fear of drowning. Fear of bears. One of the guests asked me what my fear or phobia was? I told them I didn’t have one. The sooner I die, the sooner I get to be with my Lord. Not that I’m going to rush or tempt death – but while I’m here on earth, I am going to live like a son-of-a-gun (be fully alive). and hopefully go out in a blaze of glory.  For me, faith transcends fear.  I love those moments of spiritual connection with others, of being completely fearless because of faith. Looking forward to an eternity of it!

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to Us. It’s our 3rd 🙂

2 thoughts on “Making Emotional and Spiritual Connections at Majestic View Bed and Breakfast

  1. I love your blogs Tim, because you & Maria show us your true reality, your personality, your happiness & your joy that is fully shared with the world beyond the keyboard.

    I love the stories, the pictures, the scenery & the wildlife! I hope to one day, throw a line in the water & see what I can catch bigger than a lake perch, walleye or large mouth bass we have in Lake St. Clair in Michigan! (They are fun too)

    Keep sharing the memories…they are Gold! Happy 3rd Anniversary to you & your beautiful Maria; a real treasure of a woman through & through!

    Happy Trails!
    Linda Friday Schwarm

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