Orcas are on the move near Homer on a Majestic View Adventure – see short video clip.

Every year seems to be different when it comes to seeing marine mammals out on Kachemak Bay. For instance, last year, we had whales out the wazoo, and this year, they are scarce. In my four years of boating regularly on the bay, I have seen Orcas a total of 4 times. Usually I see them in groups of 4 or less. They seem to swim in and swim out the same day – always on the move. One night last week, I was out with Mark from Orlando, Florida – searching for some halibut out in front of Seldovia. We anchored up on the edge of a plateau, put down the anchor with some chum, and started fishing. It wasn’t long, and we heard some blowing, and Mark spotted some Orcas moving from right to left (K-Bay out to Cook Inlet) off the stern of my boat. We watched them with binoculars and most were within 300 yards – sometimes a pair, sometimes four or five. For a half hour – they just kept coming by every few minutes. About the time we thought it was over, we heard blowing behind us, and turned to see a group of four or five that were on a line to pass within about 40 yards of the bow of my boat. Mark got a couple of short video clips as they passed (my cell phone was dead again)- but I was sure happy he got the footage. Think about it – K-Bay and Cook Inlet is massive, and those Orcas could have been anywhere – but they just happened to come right by our boat, and since it was evening, we were the only ones out there. Coincidence? Right place right time? Orcas are attracted to boats? Divine appointment? I don’t know but it was sure cool and I felt blessed to see them. This year, I’ve already seen more Orcas than I’ve seen in all my other years combined; I think this loose pod included over 30 Orcas of various sizes. Watch on the video clip and you will see a big one and some little ones. Turn up your volume, and you will hear them 🙂  Remember – this could be you at Majestic View! Please like, comment, share, follow, and of course, enjoy!


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