Strange and funny things that happen at a B & B episode 2: Pranks Sometimes Backfire

Those of you that know me, know that I am perpetually teasing those around me, goofing off, and having fun. We are pretty comfortable around our help, so they are not immune to it. Victoria gets called “Veronica” or “Vanessa” or any other “V word” that I can think of. We hide in the shadows and scare one another. She has gotten me rather good a few times this summer. The other day, I was out getting my boat ready for a trip. Mornings are usually quiet around here as most guests are sleeping at 7 am. I heard a car coming, and was certain that Jani, Maria’s friend, was on her way up to help at breakfast time. I crouched behind the transom of my boat, and waited for the precise moment to jump out in front of the car and give a good yell – only to find out that it was a little silver car, not Jani’s little SUV. It was Lawrence – the guy staying in The Bear’s Den with his wife and son. He was just bringing his son down to the harbor for an early fishing trip, and headed back to the B and B to catch a few more winks. Well, I felt my face turning crimson red. What could I do? I’d just finished playing the most unprofessional fool of any B and B owner in town. He had slammed on the brakes to miss me, not knowing what the heck was up.  His window was down, and he had a “what the hell???” kind of look on his face. I laughed with embarrassment, and explained that I was expecting someone else, and this is how I entertain myself – scaring my employees. Now he began laughing, and thought it funny that the tides had turned, and the joke was on me.

My dad always used to tell this story. Different situation with a similar outcome. Dad and I used to work together at The Photo Center – a photo lab and camera store that was a family business that we ran in the 80’s and 90’s – up till 2008. Anyway, dad got a phone call, and the person on the other end was waiting on hold. Dad was sure it was me, so he picked up the phone and said loudly “WHATS HAPPENIIN’ WILLIS???” Turned out this was an important customer with an important request – who got an introduction he wasn’t expecting, and my dad was turning red and stammering for his explanation. These things happen from time to time, I suppose, to teach us humility and keep us on our toes.

Today is interesting. I had a cancellation. My scheduled trip asked if they could go out instead. I thought I was going to have a down day, but as fast as I got the cancellation, another couple from Montana asked if they could go – so I guess we are back on! This afternoon I have scheduled maintenance on my boat. Hard to believe I have close to 250 hours on my Yamaha already this season and am really needing an oil and filter change, gear lube, and preventative maintenance before I get back after it. Time to slam some breakfast and get the boat ready. Catch you later 🙂

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