First Dinner of the Season at Majestic View

Last night, we had our first “dinner” of the summer. Yes, I said dinner. You see, everyone knows us for a B & B, and Maria is famous for her breakfasts – but we started kicking around ideas for something new to try late last season, and the few dinners we had seemed to be a great success. So – we thought we’d do them again.

Around 6pm, a group of 8 guests (staying with us) arrived for socializing and a selection of local beer and wine. When everyone arrived, I put fresh salmon and halibut on the grill, and our guests started with a fresh garden salad straight from the local farmers market. Guests also enjoyed local potatoes from the grill, steamed vegetable medley, and then the main course – all you can eat halibut and salmon. Having some fishermen staying with us helped as we cooked their catch for them – including their halibut cheeks, and even some flounder. Finally, the group capped off the night with a fresh, hot raspberry/rhubarb pie made from our famous rhubarb patch, and raspberries picked by us last fall. Guests sure seemed to enjoy their evening. A few even ate out on the deck to enjoy the warm, sunny day and the fantastic view. We plan to make this a regular event, as often as we can. I should have taken a picture, but I guess I was too busy waiting on our guests, and jibber-jabbering too.

I’ve been busy with Majestic View Adventures the past week – heading out almost every day to help our guests enjoy the wildlife, scenery, and get in on some of the local fishing. Mountain goats have been plentiful, but seem to be moving back to the high country more and more each day. Black bears have been less plentiful compared to last spring, and the ones we have been seeing have been up high near the alpine. Puffins are plentiful, and two days ago, the first Horned Puffins of the year arrived. Sea otters are always present. Lots of moms with babies, and my specialty is getting you close!

Brody, Blue and Sam-E are getting along wonderfully. Sam has adjusted to Alaska life very well. The other morning, while preparing for a guide trip – I observed Sammy coming face to face with his first moose, alone. Wisely, he did his usual “woofing” and backed off and I got him in the house quickly so he wouldn’t wake up the guests. Sam is a Gordon Setter pointer, but believes he is a retriever – cuz he is the retrieving-est  dog I have ever had – even more so than all of the labrador retrievers I have had. If anyone is outside, he is constantly bringing them the ball. Throw the ball, and he will search the tall grass until he finds it – no matter how long it takes. I like it that he is tenacious, but it gets a little annoying, when I am working outside, and he won’t leave me alone. He even brings the ball in the house. You’ll be doing something, and plunk, plunk, plunk – you will hear it bouncing behind you. Move somewhere else, and he will pick it up, follow you, and drop it again. Anything to get you to play with him. Well, he’s a super sweet pup and a fun addition to the gang at Majestic View.

Maria says to tell you not to be afraid to call her directly for reservations. We use online booking systems, but call Maria directly for a discount. Her cell number is 907-399-3063.

I have succeeded in reclaiming the yard! It was a foot tall when I arrived from Minnesota – so, lots of trimming, mowing, raking, and hauling away of grass and other debris. Adventures have been keeping me busy, but with all my spare minutes, I finally got it where I want it.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took a couple of days ago over at Gull Island. I was showing the Nelson party of two around the bay, on the way to pick up the Groza party of three from a hike on the Saddle Trail. We decided to take a swing around Gull Island to see what wildlife was around, We saw all the usuals, but I was impressed by the large number of otters rafted up in a small bay on the east side of the island. There must have been 50 or more, including lots of moms and babies. Here are some of them, rafted up between the main island and the side island, with a great view of the Kenai Mountains in the background. And remember, this could be YOU at Majestic View!

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