Photo Safari at Majestic View Bed and Breakfast- A Photo Essay.

Guillemots – I like them because of their bright red feet. Usually, they are on the water, but sometimes, I can catch them up on a rock, and when I do, it’s always fun for my guests. They typically let us get close, and their cute little red feet are unmistakable.

Harbor seals. Well, you have the tame ones – like the one that stole my fish yesterday along the spit, and then you have the more wild ones – like these, who linger only long enough to ascertain that you want to hang around and photograph them – and then they skedaddle. These two were too lazy to move, and were reinforced that they really don’t have to. I know all the best spots to find harbor seals!

How about an Orca? This one swam right under my boat. Nothing I could do 🙂 My guest took this with a very basic camera. What a great shot!

Goats are common in the months of April, May, and early June. I can put you on goats like this within a half hour of the Homer Harbor!

Moose are all over the place, but you don’t really need to go out on a boat excursion to see them. Heck, you see them right in our yard, or right in town, where the moose density per square mile is higher than almost anywhere else in the world!

Getting you close for the best of photographs? Hey, you gotta understand – it’s just what I do. Ever since I was a little boy, I have worked on my skills that encompasses getting close to wildlife – so that I can photograph it, study it, admire it, catch it, kill it, trap it… whatever. After 53 years, it gets to be like a knee-jerk reaction, or second nature. This is not big stuff to me, for I get to do it everyday. It IS always a challenge, to see how I can mix it up, do it differently, find something new, get SUPER close!

What IS new to me (and something I never get tired of) is seeing the fun expressions, and excitement on peoples faces when THEY see the amazing wildlife and scenery for the first time. Ok, I know some of you have giant zoom lenses, like Sheila the other day, who took upwards of 2000 photos with her Nikon camera and 600mm zoom, freehand (Yup – that woman has some strong arms). Sheila actually had to ask me to move farther away from the eagle nest, so she could get the parent and the eaglet in the same shot! Well, for those of you who have average zoom lenses, cameras, or even cell phones – you can expect to get some darn nice shots too!

So, while you enjoy staying at Majestic View Bed and Breakfast, be sure to book a trip with Captain Tim and Majestic View Adventures. You’ll be happy you did. Here’s a few neat results from lately – good shots from my guests. A few of these I took with my cell phone while my guests were playing

Eagles? We have scads of them! I often tease my guests that they are nothing but “white headed vultures” and that our national bird should be the wild turkey – like Benjamin Franklin suggested. But in all seriousness, I know that eagles are very special to most of you, and this photo proves it – I get you close to them, dozens of them, in many many different kinds of situations and environments.

Now this one was a rare sighting. Puffins are typically high up on the rock ridge, where they nest, or, they are out on the ocean fishing or socializing. This pair was right on a rock, at boat level. They were just a few feet away, posing, and getting fresh with one another. Great photo op!

This is an everyday thing in my boat – getting within a few feet of some sea otters while they “do their thing.” In this case, it was a mother otter and her baby. Mom groomed the baby while the baby nursed. Another otter was nearby – perhaps an aunt or uncle of the baby.

Whales are typically a regular sighting in my boat, but this year, they have been a rare sighting. Be assured that if they are in the bay, I will do my best to find them for you!

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