Retreats: Corporate, Fishing, Pastoral, Dance… We want to be your host at Majestic View Bed and Breakfast!

I always remember reading about this subject from a well know contemporary Christian author named John Eldredge. He said something to this effect (and I paraphrase): Why do we call it a retreat? Lets not run away from our life. Lets charge in and take control like we’re on the battlefield. I’m calling it an ADVANCE, not a retreat.

On that note, I am entering into a new realm here with blogging, and changing or shaking up the way we might be doing business at Majestic View Bed and Breakfast.

One of the things that makes life challenging at a bed and breakfast is the constant changeover. We have seven units, and many come stay with us for only one night – just passing through. More often than not, they comment that they wish that they could stay longer, and we agree! Washing all the bedding and towels, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, etc. with multiple rooms, every day, definitely is more labor intensive and cuts into our profits. Not to mention, it’s exhausting. Thus, we are entertaining new ways of encouraging people to stay longer. In exchange, we reward them with extra goodies, including cheaper rates.

Last season, we had a pastor/friend lead a group from her church on a time of fun, silence, worship and meditation to help lead her people into being refreshed. They stayed about five days and took over “the whole house.” We at MV enjoyed having less work and being more profitable (and their company too, of course). They enjoyed our services and better than usual rates, and our company too, I think. It was a win-win.

Since then we have been inviting opportunities as we see them arise, but I thought I would send this out and make it more formal – so if YOU see this as attractive in YOUR life, or if YOU know of SOMEONE who might dig this, then by all means, share it and/or contact Maria or I.

Since Maria is into dance, essential oils, and art, and I am into fishing, hunting, wildlife, scenery, and generally anything outdoors – we are definitely thinking along those lines. Folks who share our Christian faith are always welcome! Here are some of our ideas:

  1. If you like Zumba, Maria is a multi-certified instructor. She can run classes for your group. If you’d like to run classes with your style of dance, then by all means – use us as your “basecamp.”
  2. Artists – Maria’s home is the perfect place to hold an artist “Advance” – especially painters. Come and learn new techniques. Get back to what you love. And have fun hanging out with like minded people – what I call “cronies.”
  3. We have lots and lots of friends who use DoTerra Essential Oils – but it doesn’t just have to be DoTerra; it could be Plexus, Rodan and Fields, or whatever you are passionate about. Business leaders from all over the world could invite key team members (anything business or multi-level marketing) for business training, inspiration, fun, and of course relationship building. And, Write it off! 
  4. Fishing or hunting advance. That’s my realm. If you dig salmon or halibut fishing, or would like to try black bear hunting or hunting sea ducks – then those are things I can help with. Bring your family. Friends. Church buddies. Club. etc.
  5. Yoga? We have had guests this past season who are considering it…
  6. Bird watching and general wildlife/scenery tours paired (usually) with people who really enjoy Photography. My specialty is “GETTING YOU CLOSE” to the critters and the most interesting places. Enjoy sea otters, harbor seals, humpback whales, bald eagles, harlequin ducks, black bears, and the myriad of other wildlife that lives in our bay.
  7. Pastors. Elders. Book writers. Worship leaders. Musicians. Hikers. Mountain climbers. Quilters. 

Ok, I could go on and on, but hopefully you catch my drift, and your creative juices are flowing by now.

Who doesn’t want to go to Alaska anyway? Come on, you know you do…

A DoTERRA essential oils meeting is a-happenin’ with the most gorgeous backdrop imaginable! Well, this could be you…

Majestic View Bed and Breakfast has seven units. We have a broad range of accommodations- from a separate cabin to a honeymoon suite to a kitchenette to a two bedroom apartment. We can sleep up to 27! You can see photos and descriptions of all of these units online at

Got an idea you’d like to bounce off us? Got questions about how something like this might work for you? Like to talk directly to a reference – or someone who has already done something like this with us? Just contact Maria or I via Facebook Messenger, Email, our website, or cell phone 907-399-3063 (that’s Maria the hostess/queen) for your planning and best rates!

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