Faith or fear? Adventure or “play it safe”? Who you gonna be in a season of fire?

Yes, it has been an interesting season – this season of fires in Alaska. Maria says “this doesn’t happen.” Well – I know I’ve been around 7 summers, and I’ve not seen it anything remotely close to this.

The media likes to trump it up/ sensationalize it, and so do people. It has really killed business for us in Homer, and for most others too – restaurants, fishing charters, bear viewing, and so forth. And why?

Truth is, there was only one day when the Sterling Highway was actually closed all day. The people who were here were HAPPY to be stuck here! Others after that WISHED they COULD get stuck here, but alas – it didn’t happen. People went back and forth every day when highway officials allowed. The worst I heard was a four hour wait. You might be entitled to never have to endure something so horrific. Whatever. I say, embrace the adventure. But just the same, most people got from Anchorage to Homer in somewhere from 5-6 hours.

Nobody’s tires started on fire. Nobody’s paint melted off their rental car. Nobody died of smoke inhalation. Nobody had a tree fall on their car. Nobody had a car accident. No body was even really significantly inconvenienced!

And yet, people call every day, deathly afraid, living in fear, anxious, nervous, full of “what if’s”, basically paralyzed, and yes – wanting last minute refunds. I’m telling you, unless you have asthma – you have no idea how to live life! Good luck trying to control everything. The ones who never called – but just showed up as expected? The adventurous? The guests who just take what is given, and go with the flow? They know how to live! We appreciate you!!!

Ok, my rant is over. Life has, and will continue to go on in Homer. Those that came here in July and August had a great time. Just a few days, we had very limited visibility and lots of smoke, but overall, we could see the bay, and the mountains. People caught halibut, saw brown bears, when flight-seeing, trolled up a salmon, fished a small river, explored Homer, shopped, ate out at our plethora of fine dining restaurants, AND enjoyed our rooms, our majestic view, and Maria’s fine hospitality and friendship.

And you know what? It’s still not too late. The crowds have gone – so if you like it quieter, now is the time! We have availability. The campgrounds are empty. The last cruise ship leaves today. Fall colors are upon us. Cool is in the air – although it is still in the 60’s – it isn’t as hot as it was. The weather is more variable sun, which is beautiful. The spit is empty of 90+ percent of tourists – now that Labor Day is done. There’s still lots to do and see. So come on down and enjoy our Majestic View B and B. Captain Tim might even be available to take you out on the bay for a spin!

Variable clouds and lighting on the bay today. Looks like a good day to be out on the water, hiking, or hanging out on the beach!

That could be you – staying up there in the Rose Room, top center – with your own private 3rd story balcony, jacuzzi tub, and a fantastic king-sized bed.

You could be over in the cabin, where there’s a little more privacy, and a fantastic view of the bay and mountains. It’s a beautiful, fall day here today!

Variable light on the spit and K-Bay yesterday. I think this is beautiful for a change!

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