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It’s a crazy world we live in, folks, but I am gonna give you my take on things. First and foremost, there has been ONE and I repeat, ONE case of Covid19 in Homer, Alaska, since the beginning of this whole debacle. That was quickly contained, and sent to Anchorage, where the majority of the few hundred cases are btw, and there hasn’t been anything since. That was one month ago.

Now, is Donald Trump my favorite character on earth? No. But he is my president, and there is no point in me “not approving of him” as so many are. I want our country to succeed, first and foremost, so I will not stand in his way. I think he is doing his best, but there are some pretty nefarious forces at work “behind the scenes.” Think on a larger scale than Covid 19. The world wants Trump unseated, ESPECIALLY China, and there are people in this very country, in some very high places, that want the same. In order to do so, they want to create fear and panic in the society, and they want to destroy the economy. 

I think it is time the people rise up, and give the whole deal our “collective middle finger” and go about our business. I don’t know where you are from, but I am from Homer, Alaska and Central Minnesota. Here, it is life as usual. Business is booming. Yesterday, I saw the hardware store busy when I bought rakes to rake the lawn. Public access at the lake was hopping with people testing the boat or going fishing. The streets were busy with cars, every pump at the gas station busy, people at the grocery store, people biking, people hiking, people enjoying the outdoors. Hey people – GOOD FOR YOU!!!

And I have friends in the police force who tell me they are under orders to “not engage unless it is a dire emergency”, which means car accident, drunk driver, domestic violence, and so forth. When is the last time you saw someone pulled over on the side of the road for a random check, or a typical ticket? There is a reason it isn’t happening. They want our police force safe and healthy. So go about your business. They aren’t going to stop you. And if we collectively go about our business, there wouldn’t be enough of them to enforce anything even if they wanted to!!!

To the Government: Enough printing money and giving free handouts. Open up the country, get the economy going, and get people back to work. Walaa, problem solved! Trump, and many governors, are sincerely trying. God help them!

Now I’m not saying be stupid. I’m saying, if you are healthy and have a normal immune system – then go about your business. If you are old and feeble, with a compromised immune system, then you should probably stay hunkered down. Same if you are exhibiting symptoms. But that opens things up to the vast majority of the population. New numbers are coming out that suggest that, behind the scenes, we have been developing a “herd immunity” and death rates are at 1/10th of one percent of those infected, or less. Don’t believe me – well go listen to what Rand Paul said yesterday in a congressional meeting, and HE had the virus. I think we should always challenge the mainstream media and go find out things for ourselves. They have a dark agenda and are not to be trusted. I’m more apt to listen to the doctors who are speaking out more and more, about what is really going on.

HEY!!! Flights are dirt cheap! I’m flying from MN to AK on Sun Country for $143 one way!!! That is crazy unheard of. Flight services are desperate to have you, and planes have plenty of room to spread out. And if you can go through the airport safely, and get your rental car – then drive on down to Homer and quarantine with Maria and I. There are zero CV19 cases in Homer. Our Homer businesses will welcome you with open arms. We are taking special precautions to keep a super clean house, practice social distancing, take breakfasts and check-ins one at a time, and so forth. Look at our website, look at the pictures, look at the view, and look at the comments on Trip Advisor, where we are rated tops in Homer for B and B’s. There’s a reason for it, and that is top-notch service by Maria, for over 20 years. Nobody does the breakfast layout, or the personal touch service like her. NOBODY!

Now – for those of you who already made a reservation and are wondering what is up, most potential future guests are taking one of three steps:

  1. Most people are taking a “wait and see approach.” They may still be coming, but they are waiting to see what happens with the airlines, the governor and the state of Alaska, and so forth. Well, we are waiting on that too, will be happy to have you if you are healthy, and are REALLY hoping that the state will get back to “Business as Usual” by early to mid-summer.
  2. Some people just have to cancel. They were forced to because their cruise ship cancelled, or their particular flight cancelled, or their train cancelled, or they are themselves at a higher risk. We understand. So – if you can, we are asking that you leave your deposit with us, and defer and reschedule your trip to 2021 if you can.
  3. A small percentage so far are completely unsure if and when they could ever get to Alaska in the future. And, they need their deposit money back. Again, we understand. But here’s the deal; with cancellations coming in and not enough cash on hand to pay back every deposit immediately, we are dependent on the SBA loan that we applied for long ago. Imagine this. Almost every single business in Homer is dependent on tourists: gift shops, restaurants, fishing charters, flight services, bear viewing services, lodges, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, Air B&B, VRBO… you get the picture. ALL made a run on our banks, and there are only a couple in town, and they were quickly overwhelmed and reached their caps. Now, we are waiting for a second round of relief funds which is much needed for people like us to get started again. Thanks to our congress, it ain’t happening. So the best I can say is, PLEASE be patient and understanding and gracious, and we will return your deposit as soon as we can!

Now in the meantime, always remember my saying “This Could Be You At Majestic View!” At more than 3x the size of Texas, Alaska is one of the safest, most rural, and smallest population centers in the world. Sounds like a good place to be to me. Worst case, hunker down with us, relax by the fire, enjoy the view and a beer or glass of wine.  Order “take out” from our plethora of wonderful restaurants. Tim will take you out in the boat for an adventure you won’t soon forget. Screw fear. Live in FAITH and  FREEDOM!

Stay safe, God Bless, and we hope to see you soon!

Maria and Tim

3 thoughts on “Come Quarantine With Maria and Tim If You Can :-)

  1. Thanks for the update, Tim & Maria. Anyone reading this, I know these 2 individuals…and they would not put you at risk. I know from other friends who have visited Majestic View they have a wonderful spot. And I know the attention to detail would be second to none. Tim & Maria, I look forward to finally visiting you one day…but probably not this summer (nothing to do with the virus). Homer was one of my favorite spots in all of Alaska; I look forward to another trip. Blessings on the 2 of you, and we are praying for the country to open up once again.

  2. Love, love this!!! I’ve stayed with Maria & Tim in 2017 & 2019. Just being around the beautiful aura of Maria will make life better! The best stay ever and I highly encourage anyone that needs to get the heck out of Dodge~ GO !!! It will be an amazing experience ❤️
    and get out on that boat with Captain Tim too!!

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